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When did you come to expect so little from your brokerage firm?

At CCS, we are passionate about what we do. Our rates are competitive, without skimping on the amenities. Our clients say they enjoy working with us and love the personal attention. Call us and you will discover why we have earned a reputation as the brokerage firm that cares.

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Some traders want trade recommendations. Others do not. With Capitol Commodity Services, you are in control. We never give unsolicited advice. However, if you ask, you will get advice from a brokerage firm with over 20 years of experience. Plus the technology, research and tools you need to make every trade count. Try our Simulated Trading free for two weeks and discover for yourself.

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Welcome to Capitol Commodity Services

CCS first opened for business in 1983, at a time when other brokerage firms were losing the desire to provide personal service. It was founded on the belief that no two investors were the same, and that no 'one-size-fits-all' approach could truly meet each investors needs. My goal was to devise a system flexible enough to meet the needs of seasoned traders and new investors alike.

30 years later, I'm proud of the way CCS has fulfilled its early promise. As of our twenty-year anniversary, we've received only two complaints. That's two too many as far as I'm concerned. Yet, even I have to admit one complaint every ten years is pretty impressive, especially in this business. Nevertheless, as proud as I am about our past, it's the future that really excites me. Recent years have brought exhilarating changes to the industry. And CCS has advanced with the times.

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While 18-Feb's 126.12 low remains intact as support, it is indeterminable whether 26-Feb's 128.125 high completed a bear market correction or just the initial a-Wave of a consolidation pattern that has more lateral-to-higher price action remaining.

This morning's failure below our short-term risk parameter at 32.00 not only breaks the recent uptrend from 23-Feb's 31.08 low, it exposes the entire Jan-Mar recovery attempt as a 3-wave affair as labeled in the hourly chart below.  Left unaltered by a recovery above

Thursday, 5 March 2015 16:28

-Nat gas stocks decline as expected

-Weekly decline much larger than year ago

-Weekly decline much larger than seasonal average

Thursday, 5 March 2015 16:18

Today's break below 26-Feb's 4.90 low and key risk parameter discussed in 27-Feb's Technical Blog negates any base/reversal threat and reinstate the major downtrend from 18-Dec's 6.77 high.  This resumed weakness leaves


Not long after warning of the market's resumed bearish count in yesterday morning's Technical Blog, the market recovered above our 67.83 short-term risk parameter required to threaten that count and resurrect a




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An important tool for those interested in any type of futures trading is the quotes page. If you're new to futures and futures options quotes and want a better understanding, visit out all type of analytic charts. While there are a number of places online you can go for your futures quotes, you do not want to enter the world of futures investing alone. After all a futures quote page is only useful if you understand what you are reading and how to use the information. At CCS Futures, we care about you and your investment and want to help you experience the best possible success. Learn more about us and then open an account today.

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